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Christina Pazsitzky (Tom Segura’s wife ) Net Worth, Wikipedia.

Image of Tom Segura’s wife and comedian, Christina Pazsitzky.

Christina Pazsitzky is a Canadian-American comedian, writer, television personality, and podcaster. She is known for her work on the podcast Your Mom’s House, which she co-hosts with her husband, Tom Segura.

Christina’s husband, Tom, is a famous American stand-up comedian, actor, podcaster, and writer. His comedic content falls in the genres of observational comedy, sarcasm, and deadpan.

Besides comedy, Pazsitzky has also worked as a voice actor for DIC Entertainment characters. Additionally, she has been featured on shows like Animal Planet’s Most Outrageous and Trollz.

To learn more about Christina’s net worth, career, and other facts, keep reading our article.

Photo of American comedian, Christina Pazsitzky.
Christina Pazsitzky

Who is Tom Segura’s wife Christina Pazsitzky?

Christina Pazsitzky was born on June 18th, 1976, in Ontario, Canada. She is 44 years old in 2021 when we wrote this article. Pazsitzky’s parents were immigrants from Hungary who had fled their country in 1969.

Christina’s parents then relocated to the United States when she was still very young and settled in Southern California.

Pazsitzky graduated from the University of San Francisco in 1999 with a degree in Philosophy. Afterward, she joined Oxford University. Christina would then attended a law school for two weeks.

A career in television.

Pazsitzky began her career as a voice actor and animation writer. She worked on animations like TV: The Movie. Thanks to her good work, she received an Up and Coming Animator Writer award from Animation Magazine.

Pazsitzky then became a cast member of the MTV show Road Rules: Down Under in 1998. Additionally, she landed a role on the Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Sexes.

In 2001, Christina made her stand-up comedy debut in Los Angeles’ Comedy Store. It was a stellar rise from thereon. To illustrate, Pazsitzky has had comedy tours in the Middle East, Africa, and South Korea.

In 2011, Christina started the podcast Your Mom’s House with her husband, Tom Segura. The couple covers topics like daily life, comedy, video commentary, and ongoing events.

Their podcast was nominated for Best Comedy at the Stitcher awards. Pazsitzky started another podcast in 2014 entitled That’s Deep Bro.

Christina and her hubby, Tom, landed a television deal with CBS to produce their show The Little Things in 2018.

Looking at her stand-up career, Christina has put out 4 comedy specials. In 2011, she released the hour-long album. It’s Hard Being A Person. She followed it up with her 2015 Man of the Year.

Moreover, she has put out two specials on Netflix, like her 2017 album Mother Inferior and her 2018 The Degenerates.

Life as Tom Segura’s wife.

Christina Pazsitzky met her hubby, Tom Segura, in 2002 when they were doing their stand-up routine in Cat Club.

The duo started as friends as Christina was still dating someone else at the time. When the stars aligned, the two began dating. The love birds exchanged their wedding vows in November of 2008.

The happy couple lives together in their luxurious home in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood, Los Angeles, California. They bought the house in early 2020 for a whopping $6.7 million.

Her Children.

Christina Pazsitzky and her hubby Tom Segura are the proud parents of two children. Their firstborn is their son Ellis who was born in 2016.

Two years after Ellis’s birth, the couple welcomed their second child, their son Julian.

Her Husband is a Famous Comedian.

Christina’s husband, Tom Segura, is an American comedian and podcaster. He was born on April 16th, 1979, in Cincinnati, Ohio. When Tom graduated from Lenoir-Rhyne University, he hit the ground running and began performing stand-up comedy.

Initially, he was juggling his daytime job with his stand-up routine at night. Thankfully, his efforts did pay off, as he is one of the most successful comedians.

Tom has performed in the Just for Laughs Festival, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the Global Comedy Festival, and The Comedy Festival.


He has released 6 stand-up specials thus far. In 2010, he released Thrilled and followed it up with the 2012 White Girls With Cornrows. In 2014, he released his first Netflix special entitled Completely Normal.

Two years later, he released another Netflix special, Mostly stories, followed by Disgraceful in 2018 and Ball Hog in 2020.

Tom has worked on several films over the years, like The People’s Mayor, Instant Family, The Opening Act, Countdown, and I need You To Kill. He also co-wrote the movies 9 Inches and Frank Advice.

Christina Pazsitzky’s Net Worth.

Christina Pazsitzky’s hard work has paid off as she is among the few individuals who can rightfully claim to be a millionaire.

She is estimated to have a combined net worth of about $12 million with her hubby. Individually, Christina Pazsitzky’s net worth is about $5 million.

Her wealth comes from her career as a comedian, writer, podcaster, and television personality.

Without a doubt, Christina and her husband have enough money to afford a luxurious lifestyle. For instance, they bought a $1.6 million home in Woodland Hills, California, in 2016.

They also dropped a cool $6.65 million on a new home in Pacific palisades in January of 2020.

A look at her Social Media.

Christina Pazsitzky is very active on social media. For instance, her Instagram account is littered with hilarious snippets of her podcasts. Her Instagram handle is @thechristinap.

She has 477K followers on the site. Her audience can check out her funny videos and see updates about her shows on the site. Most of her uploaded videos are related to adult topics and adult humor that is sure to leave anyone in stitches.

Christina primarily uses Instagram to market her work, as opposed to posting about her personal life.

Age 44 years old
Date of Birth June 18th, 1976
Place of Birth Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Profession Stand-up comedian, podcaster, writer, and Tv personality
Net worth $5 million
Partner Tom Segura
Kids 2
Nationality American
Ethnicity Hungarian
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Parents Unnamed

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