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Wanda Sykes Wife Alex Sykes and Kids.

Image of popular comedian, Wanda Sykes and her wife, Alex Sykes

Falling in love with a same-sex person is one thing, but revealing that to the conservative family and fans is a whole different challenge altogether. Alex Sykes is a bold woman who has found the strength and audacity to come out openly about her sexuality.

Regardless, Alex Niedbalski Sykes is a businesswoman and popular personality who is recently working as a Senior VP of sales at Polycor. Besides this, she is popularly known as the spouse of a renowned American actress, comedian, and writer, Wanda Sykes.

Alex Sykes is Wanda Sykes’ Wife.

Alex Sykes is the wife of the talented comedian, actress, and writer, Wanda Sykes. The marriage of Alex and her celebrity wife is one for the history books.

The way they constantly met each other was as if they were meant to be with one another. Moreover, the couple did not shy away from taking their relationship to the crowd even before the same-sex marriage law was passed.

comedian Alex Sykes with her wife/partner Alex Sykes

Eventually, the pair tied the knot on the 25th of October 2008. Moreover, they became one of the fewest celebrities to take measures beyond the box and appreciating love with a person of the same gender.

Furthermore, they also set examples that such a relationship can happen and stay stronger than the usually accustomed marriage.

Wanda and Alex’s love is not just for publicity. In fact, both had to struggle a lot to get their human rights. A month into their marriage, Wanda came out publicly in a rally against a law that banned same-sex marriages.

The couple has had a successful marriage for well over a decade. As of 2021, they are living a happily married life in their new home in California. Alex and her wife share two children together.

Story of how Wanda and Alex Sykes Met.

Their romantic relationship took off an even better start when they first met one another on a boat ride to New York’s Fire Island.

It was Wanda who first saw Alex carrying a computer bag and talking to a baby. Soon after meeting her, Alex’s wife began to admire her.

Wanda Sykes wife Alex Sykes

At the time, Wanda was a fan of kitchen renovation and she recently had her kitchen renovated. Likewise, while she was raving about her kitchen improvement to someone, that person introduced her to a French woman who sold granite countertops.

And that was Alex Sykes, the same French woman whom she noticed on the ferry.

Moreover, to Wanda’s joy, Alex was single, and the pair started off their relationship immediately. They dated for nearly two years before getting married in Las Vegas.

Alex Sykes Kids.

The popular actress and comedian is a mother of two children. Wanda welcomed the fraternal twins in April 27, 2009, with her wife, Alex.

The daughter Olivia and her brother Lucas are of White ethnicity, which makes Wanda feel like a minority in her own home, as she jokingly stated in ‘The Ellen Show.

The lesbian couple Wanda and Alex Sykes mentioned that they were scared about having twins first, but it came out to be a blessing.

Olivia and Lucas are currently studying in a reputed school in their hometown and have become fluent French speakers. Wanda suspects that the children plot in French against her, siding with Alex.

Over the past years, they have occasionally been a subject of her Comedy-standups, but she bases the punch lines around herself and rarely makes fun of the children.

Wanda has never taken the children to any public events and parties as she wants to keep them away from the spotlight and media attention.

She also never shares their pictures in Social Media except for the one she posted when they were newborn twins.

The name Olivia is derived from the Latin word ‘Oliva, ‘which means an Olive tree. Similarly, Lucas is a boy name taken from Latin and Greek origin. The children share a common Zodiac sign, Taurus.

According to the comedian, her children helped to mend her relationship with her parents. They are very conservative and did not speak with Wanda after her divorce with ex-husband and marriage with Alex.

Olivia and Lucas brought a new spark to the relationship. Wanda spends her free time crafting with the children and also helps them with their homework.

She shares how lucky she is to be a parent to two lovely children and how her life revolves around them.

Image of talented comedian, Wanda Sykes and her wife, Alex Sykes
French comedian, actress, and writer, Wanda Sykes with her wife, Alex Sykes, and twin kids

There is just no information regarding this matter. Moreover, neither Alex nor her comedian wife has spoken regarding this matter.

Alex Sykes’ Partner Wanda Sykes.

Wanda Sykes is one of the prominent actresses and comedians who is famous for her works in numerous movies and tv shows. She ended up winning numerous awards and achievements for her notable contribution to the entertainment industry.

Besides being known as a tv star, she is also known for being one of the controversial women who later revealed herself to be gay since childhood.

Due to her conservative parents, she could not express her real identity. Furthermore, Wanda was married to a record producer named Dave Hall in 1991. However, the couple divorced in 1998 due to unmentioned reasons.

However, Wanda claims that she was not happy in her relationship with her ex-husband and was always looking for ways to split up with him. Now, she is married to a woman and feels happier and more satisfied than ever.

Alex Sykes Net Worth.

Alex is a successful businesswoman and the wife of a celebrity who has a significantly high net worth. Hence, according to numerous reports, the wife of Wanda Sykes has a net worth of $1 million as of 2021. A majority of her income comes from her business of granite countertops.

Initially, Wanda Sykes’s wife Alex Sykes worked in a global company WTA as a press assistant for women’s sports. She later pursued her career as a sponsorship and marketing Assistant for French National Basketball Association.

After working for 2 years, she went on a long hiatus until finally working as a senior VP of Sales of Polycor.

Alex Sykes Wiki Facts.

Alex Niedbalski Sykes is a French who was born on the 19th of February 1974. Before her marriage, her name used to be Alex Niedbalski Castillo.

Not much is known about this lesbian wife, but it was later revealed that she grew up with three siblings- Frank, Eva & Ronnie Castillo.

Soon after attending her primary and high school in France, she pursued a business-oriented career and earned a Master’s Degree in Business and Marketing from ISEG Paris, Business School, France.

From a young age, Alex Sykes wanted to become a successful businesswoman and has put all her effort into becoming one.

Although she is well-accomplished in her career, the 47-year-old is best known for being one of the few women to marry another woman during the time when same-sex marriage was considered illegal. Nonetheless, her love story is one of the inspiring ones as well.

Full Name Alex Niedbalski Sykes
Date of birth 19th of February 1974
Place of birth France
Age 46
Height 174 cm
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Lesbian
Marital Status Married
Spouse Wanda Sykes
Children Lucas and Olivia
Profession Businesswoman, celebrity wife
Net worth $1 million
Social Media Instagram

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