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Is Tim Dillon Gay? His Net Worth, Partner, Wiki-Biography.

Image of amazing comedian, Tim Dillon

Comedians are one of the beloved people in the world. Some of them rise to prominence due to being utterly hilarious, whereas others due to their controversial statements. Tim Dillon is one of such controversial characters who rose to the limelight due to his insulting style of doing comedy as well as the bizarre series of events that took place in his life.

Is Tim Dillon Gay?

Various controversial events can bring one all the love and attention from the media. One of such factors is the person’s sexual orientation.

In 2010, when Tom made his appearance in front of the crowd, he revealed that he shocked the people by saying he was gay.

While some fans welcomed him with open hearts, others found it difficult to accept him the way he is. However, Tim also confirmed that he had been in sexual relationships with women in the past.

Some of his fans are so detail-oriented that they go to lengths in checking whether Tim Dillon has any partners as of late.

Some fans even speculated that he might be dating his fellow co-host Chris Gethard from the show Death, Sex & Money. However, the rumors were false as it turns out that Chris is married to his own wife.

Regardless, Tim Dillon is a tacit man when talking about his gay relationship though he had the audacity to reveal his sexuality in public.

On a side note, some fans think the opposite. They believe that he might not actually be gay. Instead, he might only do this to gain popularity.

Is he married to his Partner?

We all know that Tim is a homosexual. However, he has not yet revealed who his better half is. Moreover, there are no rumors regarding this comedian’s affair with anyone.

Maybe because Tim is only recently gaining popularity, there is not much detailed coverage of his life.

As a matter of fact, he did not even have his own Wikipedia page till 2020. In the future, he might be on the headlines once he decides to make his relationship public.

However, as of now, there is no information on whether the 36-year-old is married to anyone.

Tim Dillon Net Worth.

Tim Dillon is a man who follows his passion. He knows that if he becomes excellent at what he loves, then he is bound to be successful. Similarly, Tim is on his way to becoming one of the funniest comedians that America has ever seen.

His passion and talent have been leading him to achieve a successful career in comedy. Hence, his net worth is sure to grow in the future.

However, as of now, there are no reliable sources that can claim how much Tim is making. Nonetheless, certain reports claim that Tim has a net worth of around $300k to $1 million.

He earns mostly from his profession as a comedian, but he also has various other income sources that add a considerable amount of figures to his net worth.

At this age of time, one needs to have multiple sources of income to live a high-quality life, especially when one becomes a celebrity who is always under the media’s radar.

Tim had done various jobs, including New York Tour guide, before he became a comedian.

The Tim Dillon Show.

Tim is famously known for his long-running podcast show, The Tim Dillon Show. He made his debut with this show on YouTube. So far, it has completed 242 episodes as of March 2021. His content on the show generally involves comedy, entertainment, and culture.

Image of talented comedian, Tim Dillon in his own show

Tim Dillon, an entertainer and comedian of “The Tim Dillon Show.”

He gets well over thousands of viewers per episode of the show. Likewise, the episodes occasionally feature prominent guests from the world of entertainment, pop culture, and politics, such as Gavin McInnes, Anna Khachiyan, Candace Owens, etc.

Thus, he makes a decent sum of money from his YouTube show.

Guest Appearances.

Over the years, Tim has shared the platform with many celebrities that helped him gain exposure.

So far, he has made numerous guest appearances on podcasts such as The Joe Rogan Experience, The Fighter, and the Kid, This Past Weekend, Legion of Skanks, The Real Ass Podcast, Cum Town, Your Mom’s House, H3 Podcast, and The Megyn Kelly Show.

He also appeared as a guest on Whitney Cummings‘ podcast Good For You. Hence, by appearing on various shows and podcasts, he has also made a couple of extra bucks.

Television and Film roles.

With his growing popularity ever since being named one of the top 10 comedians to look for by the Rolling Stones, Tim has been able to land a role for himself in various movies and television series.

So far, he has appeared on tv shows like Thanksgiving, Hardest Jobs in Sports, Resolutions, You Didn’t Want to Know, and Dollar Store Therapist.

Before this, he used to appear on Sesame Street. Likewise, in movies, he worked on movies like Boston Psychiatric, Anything Boys Can Do, and Timing.

Social Media.

Tim Dillon is a popular personality on social media. Currently, he is available on Twitter and Instagram, where he gives his honest opinions on everything going around in the world. He mostly replies to his critiques who are offended by his controversial jokes. Likewise, he constantly promotes his work and podcast shows.

He has 338.1k followers on Twitter, whereas 385k followers on Instagram. Though he is slowly making a name for himself in the entertainment industry, he is already becoming a social media platform.


Tim Dillon has been involved in some of the controversies surrounding his comedy contents and his say on political matters. In most of his jokes, he involves racial slurs and abuse that offends most people. Though he claims he only says them to make people laugh, some don’t find it half funny.

Likewise, Tim did not vote in the latest general election of 2020 due to the disapproval of both parties, Donald Trump and his challenger Joe Biden. While he did upset the activist, he says he does what is right for him.

Lastly, some people claim that Tim adds backlash by spreading fake conspiracy theories on the podcast.

Wiki Facts.

Tim Dillon is an American stand-up comedian, podcaster, and actor. He is best known as the host of his own podcast named The Tim Dillon Show. Likewise, he is famous for being the regular guest on The Joe Rogan Experience.

This rising star was born on the 22nd of January, 1985. As of 2021, Tim Dillon is 36 years old. Similarly, he was born and raised in the beautiful city of Island Park, New York.

Though Tim is becoming a fan-favorite who has thousands of followers, there is not much information regarding this comedian. For instance, he has not shared who his parents were, nor does he have any siblings.

Since childhood, Tim has had a love for acting. He wanted to be a megastar in the future. With that in mind, he tried his hand at acting in 1994. After much effort, he could land a small role on PBS‘s children’s show named Sesame Street.

Moreover, he was on the Sesame Street show twice and also did the polka with Snuffleupagus. However, he failed in his dream career.

However, in 2010, he entered the stand-up scene, and it changed his career for good. As of now, he is a famous comedian and a soon-to-be millionaire.

Early Life and Childhood

While Tim Dillon is having a blast in his career, his childhood was the exact opposite. He grew up with lots of limitations and a disturbing environment.

He was born in Island Park, New York, and was raised by his single mother. However, his mother was a schizophrenic patient, a psychiatric disorder characterized by continuous or relapsing episodes of psychosis.

Moreover, there is no information about Tim’s father. Likewise, there is no mentioning whether he has any siblings. Tim did not have the privilege to attend school and colleges.

Hence, from a young age, he had to work to make a living. He always said that he was interested in acting from a young age.

Being raised without proper education and attention, Tim was quick to pick up bad habits. Tim mentioned that he used to a drug addict as well as an alcoholic from a young age.

However, he has been sober for years now. Currently, the 36-year-old resides in Austin, Texas, after living in Los Angeles for a couple of years.

Real Name/Full Name Tim J. Dillon
Date of birth January 22, 1985
Place of birth Island Park, New York, U.S.
Age 36 years old
Weight 180 lbs
Height 6 feet 1 inch
Religion Not available
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Gay
Marital Status Not available
Spouse Not available
Children Not available
Profession Tv personality, host, comedian, podcaster
Net worth $1 million
Social media Instagram

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