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Ron White’s Ex-wife Margo Rey’s Net Worth, Age, Wiki Biography.

Image of Ron White's ex-wife, Margo Rey.

Ronald Dee White is famously known for his charter membership of ‘The Blue Collar Comedy Tour.’ He is an American veteran stand-up comedian.

Additionally, Ron also quite adept when it comes to writing and acting. White has appeared in notable films such as ‘Sex and the City 2’.

His successful career earned him a Grammy Award nomination. Moreover, White was also presented with a ‘Patriot Award’ for raising funds for wounded soldiers.

Image of American comedian and actor, Ron White.

Ron White

Ron has, unfortunately, had a disastrous love life, having experienced three failed marriages.

Discover fascinating facts about his former wife, Margo Rey, in this review.

Who is Margo Rey?

Margarita Reymundo is a Mexican singer and composer. At the tender age of 11, Margo discovered her love for music and began exploring art. She went on to join bands, awing her audiences with her incredible gifts.

This eventually transitioned to her sharing the stage with renowned artist John Oates. Rey has additionally carved a career for herself in musical theatre.

Photo of Ron White's former wife, Margo Rey.

Ron White’s ex-wife, Margo Rey.

This came after actor Edward James Olmos discovered her. The meeting helped her land a role in the Broadway musical ‘Selena Forever.’

Margo has released three albums so far, ‘My Heart’s Desire,’ ‘Get Back’ and ‘Habit.’

Other than using her voice in music, Rey is also a voice-over artist as well. She has done numerous commercials in both English and Spanish.

In 2009, Margo was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had to undergo a double mastectomy, which was successful in that her cancer went into remission.

As a cancer survivor, Rey made a point of supporting non-profit organizations that specialize in supporting breast cancer victims.

She also performed at a fund-raising event for the ‘Noreen Fraser Foundation.’ This establishment focuses on women’s cancer research.

Her Age and D.O.B.

Margo was born on 18th October 1966 in Acapulco to Juana-Amparo Jurado and Alejandro Reymundo. She turned 54 years old last year.

Interestingly, Margo shares a birth month with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, including Simon Cowell, Matt Damon, and Julia Roberts.

Net Worth and Source of Income.

Margo has amassed a handsome amount of wealth over the years. She has earned most of this wealth from her music career, selling albums and performing her songs live.

From these endeavors, Margo Rey has managed to accrue an admirable net worth of $22 million.

Margo Rey was Ron White’s wife from 2013 to 2017.

Margo got hitched to Ron White seven years ago. This was White’s third marriage as he attempted to trudge the path twice, failing on both occasions.

Right before she tied the knot with Ron, Rey had a second bout with breast cancer.

This period was challenging for the couple and Margo’s loved ones. In an interview, she pointed out that Ron took the news especially hard, having experienced the same fate with a previous partner whose identity remains unknown.

In this same interview, Margo went on to shed light on the ugly side of being around cancer victims.

She explained that she constantly experienced pent-up anger, which she directed towards her former husband.

Chemotherapy takes a toll on people with cancer, and most of them resort to rage tendencies, blowing their gaskets at the least confrontations.

The couple managed to power through this difficult time, only for them to part ways in 2017. Their divorce turned out to be an ugly ordeal.

Things took a turn for the worse when White outright refused to pay Rey spousal support claiming that the two had not been formally married.

In fact, he went on to change the locks to the house and cut Rey off financially.

According to Texas laws, the judge presiding over their case sided with Margo claiming that the two had automatically tied the knot. Margo and White had lived together for four years before splitting.

At the beginning of last year, White attempted to wiggle out of paying the monthly spousal support, $25,000 to Margo, claiming that he was virtually jobless and therefore could not afford this particular expense.

Margo Rey’s Wiki-Bio and Facts.

Full name Margarita Reymundo
Age 54 years old
Date of Birth 18th October 1966
Place of Birth Acapulco, Mexico
Profession Singer, songwriter, actor, voiceover artist
Net worth $22 million
Wife Ron White (Divorced)
Kids N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mexican
Zodiac Sign Libra
Parents Alejandro Reymundo, Juana-Amparo Jurado

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