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Redd Foxx Spouse: (Ka Ho Cho to Evelyn Killebrew).

Image of popular comedian, Redd Foxx and his wife Betty

Famous comedian Redd fox was married to his 4th and last wife, Ka Ho Cho at the time of his death.

Redd Foxx’s First Wife: Evelyn Killebrew from 1948 to 1951.

Not much is known about Evelyn Killebrew except that she was Redd’s first wife. Their union did not last long, however, as the two split after only three years. Grounds for their separation remain a mystery to date.

Redd Foxx’s second wife Betty Jean Harris (1956-1975).

After striking out the first time, Redd tried his luck at marriage a second time. He met Betty Jean Harris at a nightclub where they happened to be sharing the same bill.

The two hit it off and soon after sparked up a romantic relationship. Betty quit her job as a dancer and a showgirl to be a housewife.

At the time, Harris had already birthed a child by the name Debraca. Foxx adopted Debracca when she was nine years old.

Photo of Redd Foxx's second wife, Betty Jean Harris.
Betty Jean Harris

Redd put Betty in charge of his business enterprises. For a while, the family lived blissfully until Foxx cheated on his wife.

Betty went ahead to file for a divorce on the grounds of infidelity. In 1974 the couple bitterly parted ways. Foxx reportedly did not attend Debraca’s wedding, which occurred in 1975.

Third Wife Yun Chi Chung (1976-1981).

The third time is always a charm, and Redd seemed to hold this belief as he remarried in 1976. Redd first came across his future wife, Joi Tun Chin Chung, at the Las Vegas Hilton, where she was working as a cocktail waitress.

Chung was new in America at the time of their meeting, having left Korea for greener pastures. Unfortunately for Yun, her first romantic involvement in America was not to last.

In 1979, Foxx filed for divorce only for Chung to counter it with her own suit. She charged Redd with cruelty. The embers of the case finally settled in 1981.

Photo of Redd Foxx's third wife, Yun Chi Chung.
Yun Chi Chung

Last Spouse Ka Ho Cho.(1991-1991)

After his third failed marriage, Foxx swore off the tradition claiming it was a long-run sham. This was until he met Ka Ho Cho.

Photo of Redd Foxx's forth and last wife, Ka Ho Cho.
Ka Ho Cho

Redd revealed that the reason he tied the knot with this particular woman, despite his ill fate when it came to getting hitched, was because Cho stuck by him through his tough times. When they met, Redd was fighting a losing battle with the IRS.

Just when he seemed to have found his perfect match, Foxx suffered a heart attack and passed on. He and Cho were together for only three months at the time of his death.

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