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Paul Rodriguez (Comedian) Net Worth. Wife Laura Martinez.

Image of well-known comedian, Paul Rodriguez

Paul Rodriguez is one of the hilarious comedians to rank in the 100 Greatest Standups of all Time. Other than this, Paul is best known as the father of one of the best skateboarders, Paul Rodriguez Jr. He is a Mexican who was born in Culiacan, Sinaloa to Mexican agriculture ranchers. His family later migrated to Compton, California.

Born on the 19th of January, 1955, Paul Rodriguez is 66 years old as of 2021. This comedian found his interest in making people laugh soon as he completed his services for the United States Air Force.

Besides being famous for his stand-up comedies, Paul is also a celebrated tv star and actor who has appeared multiple times on shows and movies.

While he has gained a huge number of fan following, the 66-year-old actor has kept most of his life’s details a secret from everyone. Hence, there is no information about his childhood days nor his education. Regardless, Paul has had a successful career in the entertainment industry.

Paul Rodriguez Net Worth.

When someone becomes a celebrity, they will always have fans who are intrigued in knowing how much these celebrities are worth. Similarly, Paul Rodriguez is one of the beloved comedians who has won the hearts of thousands of people.

Hence, according to various sources, it is reported that comedian Paul Rodriguez has a net worth of $4.5 million.

Such a staggering amount of fortune is the result of Paul’s years of dedication to comedy, acting, and hosting. Not only that but Paul has appeared in hit films alongside some of the best actors such as Michael O’Keefe and Clint Eastwood.

So far, he has landed a role in more than dozens of movies whose success has paid Paul with handsome salaries. Some of his notable works in Hollywood were in movies like Blood Work, Tortilla SoupRat Race, etc. Likewise, he also receives hefty salaries per each episode he works in the tv shows.

Comedian Paul Rodriguez is married to his wife Laura Martinez.

While it is common for celebrities to divorce their partners, Paul is one of those men who have stayed strong in their marriage.

As of now, he is married to his girlfriend, Laura Martinez. Through thick and thin, the husband and wife have stayed together. Moreover, their married life is an example of a strong relationship.

However, the husband and wife are secretive when it comes to talking about their married life. Further, they have not shared any details regarding their initial stages of romance.

Nonetheless, reports claim that Laura was Paul’s girlfriend for a long time. After dating for several months, the couple finally tied the knot in a private wedding venue.

Looking at their personal lives, it seems that the couple married a long time ago.


As a sign of their love, Paul Rodriguez and his wife Laura Martinez share two children together. They are Paul Rodriguez Jr. and Lucas Rodriguez.

His first son is Paul Rodriguez Jr. As if Paul’s stardom was not enough for the family, their son is also a prominent figure who is even more famous than his father.

Paul Rodriguez Jr. is a professional skateboarder who has millions of fans around the world. He is 36 years old as of 2021 and was born on the 31st December 1984. This skateboarder, actor, and rapper is best known by his nickname, P-Rod.

Moreover, he has won numerous medals and awards throughout his career. His passion for skateboarding led to a successful career which saw him earn $6 million of net worth as of now.

At the moment, he is living in his luxurious house in Northridge, California, with a lavish lifestyle with his daughter, Heaven Love. He was previously in a relationship with Rachel Metz. The couple recently broke up in May 2020.

Image of Mexican comedian, Paul Rodriguez with his son
Well-known Mexican comedian, Paul Rodriguez with his famous skater son, Paul Rodriguez Jr.

However, there isn’t much information about his younger brother, Lucas Rodriguez.

Wiki Facts

Full Name Paul Rodriguez
Date of birth 19 January 1955
Birthplace Culiacán, Mexico
Gender Male
Age 66
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mexican-American
Height 1.72 m
Marital Status Married
Spouse Lucas Martinez
Children Paul Rodriguez, Lucas Rodriguez
Profession Actor, comedian
Net worth $4.5 million
Social media Instagram

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