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Owen Benjamin Wife Amy Reinke Smith, Net Worth, Wiki.

Image of American comedian, Owen Benjamin

Perhaps one of the controversial figures in America, Owen Benjamin is famously known for his bold and outright speeches. Though professionally known as a comedian, Owen has picked up the personality of an alt-right internet celebrity known for promoting pseudoscience, hypocritical conspiracies, and racist slurs.

Net Worth.

During the initial stages of his career, Owen was able to pick a handful of notable roles in tv shows and movies that contributed to his net worth.

According to numerous reports, it is estimated that Owen has a net worth of $1 million. A majority of his income is the result of his profession as an actor and comedian.

His career was off to a good start in 2010 when hе wаѕ а раrt оf the Соmеdу Сеntrаl Рrеѕеntѕ. Similarly, just twо уеаrѕ lаtеr hе bесаmе thе реrmаnеnt саѕt mеmbеr оf the соmеdу show Ѕullіvаn аnd Ѕоn whеrе hе рlауеd thе rоlе оf Оwеn Wеlѕh. Also, he made few арреаrаnсеs оn thе ѕhоw Тhе Јау Lеnо Ѕhоw.

Moreover, he has also made some money by hosting award shows such as thе Аnnuаl АDG Ехсеllеnсе Іn Рrоduсtіоn Dеѕіgn Аwаrdѕ frоm 2014 tо 2016 аnd Тhе Nехt Grеаt Вurgеr оf thе Еѕquіrе Nеtwоrk іn 2015.

Talking about movies, this 40-year-old earned a decent sum of money from movies like Іt’ѕ Nоt Yоu Іt’ѕ Guуs, The House Bunny, and Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star.

Ever since being kicked out from the mainstream platforms, Owen found it difficult to make wealth from the entertainment business.

Hence, hе began his own роdсаѕt оn thе Ѕіdеѕhоw Nеtwоrk whісh wаѕ Whу Dіdn’t Тhеу Lаugh? and created the lаtе ѕhоw оn Ѕаturdау Nіghtѕ whісh tооk рlасе аt Тhе Іmрrоv іn Ноllуwооd, Саlіfоrnіа.

Is Owen Benjamin married To Wife Christina Ricci?

As loud as Owen is when attacking the minority, he is equally quiet when talking about his relationship. There are various reports suggesting that Owen was close to marrying his former co-worker and girlfriend Christina Ricci.

The pair met for the first time at a set during their movie All’s Faire in Love. Both of them were the lead stars of the movie.

Since then, their love story kicked off. Not only in the shooting, but the pair’s chemistry began to develop in their relationship as well.

Shortly after dating a couple of times, the couple decided to take their relationship a step forward. Both of them were so in love with one another that Owen and Christina Ricci announced they were engaged the same year they met in March 2008.

However, it was a short-lived love story as they both called off their engagement just two months later. Nonetheless, after parting ways with his former girlfriend, he got hooked up by his second girlfriend. Her name was Amy Reinke Smith. Owen finally found the perfect match for him as he is currently married to her.

The lovebirds tied the knot in 2015. Not only that but the couple’s married life is strong as ever. In the age where divorce and splitting due to fake love have become a normal thing, the pair’s love proves to be pure.

It seems that Owen and his wife are committed to one another.

Wife Amy Reinke Smith.

It is no doubt that Owen is a married man as of 2021. However, he rarely speaks of his married life out in the public.

Likewise, there is not much information available to us about his wife, Amy. However, we know for a fact that she blindly loves her husband.

No matter how much criticism and berating his husband gets for his controversial statements, Amy is always there by his side. Some of the fans have even questioned Amy’s choice ever since marrying Owen.

Besides that, Amy is a graduate with a degree in Structural Engineering from the University of Southern California. Likewise, she is an engineer by profession according to her LinkedIn profile. Currently, she works as a Project Manager at d’Escoto West, Inc.

Just a year into her marriage with Owen Benjamin, the proud parents gave birth to their first son, Walter Smith Benjamin, in May 2016. This was followed by their second child, also a son named Charlie Smith Benjamin in July 2018.

The happy family of four currently reside in California and are living a modest lifestyle.

Image of hilarious comedian, Owen Benjamin and his family
An outstanding actor and comedian, Owen Benjamin with his wife, Amy Reinke Smith, and sons, Walter Smith Benjamin and Charlie Smith Benjamin

Wiki Facts

Real Name/Full Name Owen Benjamin Smith
Date of birth 24 May 1980
Place of birth Fulton, New York, U.S.
Age 40 years old
Weight 193 lbs
Height 6 feet 6 inch
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Amy Reinke Smith
Children Walter and Charlie Smith
Profession Actor, comedian, political analyst
Net worth $1 million

Owen Benjamin Smith was born on the 24th of May 1980. Moreover, he is the son of John Kares Smith and Jean Troy-Smith who were both professors at Oswego State University.

As for Owen’s education, he attended Plattsburgh State College. Ever since childhood, Owen had an interest in public speaking. After college, Owen worked at the student-run TV station.

At one time, this complicated individual used to be a standup comic and actor in mainstream comedy movies. His joke contents often included racist attacks and antisemitism that most people walked out of his shows.

Likewise, his shows would get canceled due to violating the hate speech policies. Perhaps his nature of having an unfiltered conversation and explicit hatred towards minor races have descended him into being insane.

After being kicked out of countless mainstream platforms, he built a cult of internet followers known as Bears.

He was able to create his fanbase through his YouTube channel which also got terminated. When the channel was still up and running, he used to garner a minimum of thousands of viewers each day. Just like him, there are people who have the same belief.

They used to tune in to his videos and promote his content. Currently, Owen is featuring in several PragerU videos, a platform specifically made for activists like him.

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