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Who is Nick Swardson’s Wife? His Net Worth.

Image of stand-up comedian, Nick Swardson

For anyone who has been a fan of comedy series since the early 2000s, Nick Swardson is a name that they are surely familiar with.

Best known for his recurring role as Terry Bernadino in the comedy series Reno 911! in 2003, Nick has become a sensation as of 2021. Read this to know facts about Nick Swardson’s wife and net worth.

Born as Nicholas Roger Swardson, he is an American actor, stand-up comedian, and producer, who was born on the 9th of October 1976 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Being a Minneapolis native, he is also a fan of Minnesota Vikings. Nonetheless, his divorced parents, Pamela and Roger Eric Swardson raised him along with his siblings- Rachel and John. Moreover, he is the youngest among the three children.

Who is Nick Swardson’s Wife?

Though this may come as a huge surprise to the millions of fans of Nick Swardson, as of today, Nick is still single and has not been in any kind of relationship with anyone so far. Although he may have dated women in the past, there are no media outlets that cover this news.

Perhaps it is his busy schedule that is preventing him from settling in with someone. He is very busy with his production company producing sketch comedies.

Additionally, he runs his own shows and performs stand-up comedies as well. Looking at his bustling daily routine, it is safe to say that the 44-year-old is married to his own career.

Likewise, on his social media handles, he only talks about his work and updates fans with new events. Though he is seen with a lot of women in his social media posts, all of them are either celebrities or his co-workers. So, as of now, Nick Swardson’s wife is a mystery.

Does Nick Swardson have any children?

Since Nick is single to this date and has never been married to anyone, he does not have a child either. Moreover, he is not a fan of adopting an orphan child.

Is Nick Swardson gay?

As soon as hearing that Nick is not associated with any woman, some of the fans are quick to jump to a conclusion that the 44-year-old comedian is gay.

Because of this, the rumors start coming into existence and people are left to believe that comedian Nick Swardson is actually homosexual.

However, the rumors of Nick being gay are false and there is no evidence that supports this accusation.

As a matter of fact, Nick has a straight sexual orientation and has never been in a relationship with same-sex. Furthermore, he mentioned in one of his Twitter posts saying that he is not gay.

Net Worth.

Not having to spend money on his wife and kids has allowed Nick to live a life with financial freedom.

Moreover, his illustrious career as an actor, comedian, and producer has significantly added huge figures to his net worth. Hence, according to numerous reliable sources, Nick has a net worth of $5 million as of 2021.

Movie and comedy show addicts surely know Nick Swardson very well as he has appeared in some of the funniest movies. Among a long list of his roles in the film, he is mostly remembered for his performance in The Benchwarmers, Reno 911!: Miami, Grown Ups 2, The Wrong Missy, etc. His roles in movies have helped him earn hefty salaries.

Not to mention his hilarious roles in countless tv shows and sketch comedies. Nick became a sensation due to his talent in comedy and the fans initially got the first taste of him during his stand-up shows.

Image of Comedian, Nick Swardson
A famous stand-up comedian and actor, Nick Swardson

Moreover, he was a man who never attended college or higher studies and yet was able to make a significant mark in his career. Hence, his life story is truly inspiring as well.

Regardless, Nick is a millionaire as of now and is living a lavish lifestyle in his hometown of Minneapolis.


Passionate about acting and doing comedy, a young Nick attended St. Paul Central High. There he started acting and performing on stages since the age of 16.

However, he was also a mischievous student who ran into problems due to getting involved with alcohol, cigarettes, fights, and drugs.

Due to these reasons, he had to enroll in a rehab program while still in school. Later, Swardson decided to pursue a career in comedy rather than attending college. Swardson wanted to get into Hollywood and he saw stand-up comedy as a stepping-stone for his career.

As of today, Nick is a self-made man who is worth millions. He runs his own production house called Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions and has his own personal sketch comedy series, Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time.

Full Name Nicholas Roger Swardson
Date of birth October 9, 1976
Place of birth Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.
Age 44
Height 1.75 m
Gender Male
Zodiac Libra
Marital Status Single
Spouse None
Children None
Profession Comedian, actor, and producer
Net worth $5 million
Social Media Instagram

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