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Meet Nate Bargatze’s Wife and Kids. Net Worth.

Image of American comedian, Nate Bargatze with his wife

Making people laugh is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some even say that breaking a heart is easier than making people laugh. And why not? Not everyone has the same taste of humor that they like, so it is difficult for comedians to do their jobs. Know Nate Bargatze’s net worth and wife.

But Nate Bargatze is one of the gifted ones who has the knack of attracting viewers of all sorts. He inherits his father’s genes, who was also a clown who turned into a magician. Perhaps Nate’s clean and relatable jokes are what people find funny that is making him one of the hottest rising comedians as of now.

In addition, the fans know him best due to his appearances on shows like The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Likewise, as of now, he has toured multiple places and performed in different parts of the country. Hence, it can be assumed that he is doing pretty well for himself.

Nate Bargatze Age and Date of Birth.

At the present moment, Nate Bargatze is 41 years old. Furthermore, his date of birth is on the 25th of March 1979. His parents raised him in Tennessee, US. However, there is no information about his siblings. Similarly, Nate has not yet revealed the level of education he has attained.

Nate Bargatze is Married to his wife Laura (Lorraine Baines-Bargatze).

As of 2021, Nate Bargatze is a married man whose better half is Lorraine Baines. However, Nate is a private person who rarely shares any information about his married life. It seems that he prefers to keep his personal matters away from the media.

The exact whereabouts of the couple’s initial meet-up are still not clear. But it is rumored that they met for the first time when Nate was working at Applebee’s. The couple had their first glance at one another in 1999 and soon started dating each other.

Nate has not revealed the exact date of their marriage. However, in a Twitter post of February 2018, Nate revealed that he had been married to Laura for 11 years. Also, on his Instagram, he posts pictures of his wife and daughter enjoying their vacations and dinners.

Moreover, Laura often makes her presence in Nate’s podcast, The Nateland Podcast, of which she is the producer. Nevertheless, even if Nate does not share his married life with his fans, it can clearly be seen that he is happy with it.

Nate Bargatze Children: Daughter Harper Blair Bargatze.

Children are not only a gift from God, but they are also the reason that brightens up their parents’ lives. Likewise, the birth of Nate’s daughter has done wonders for him. Harper has truly glued their parents’ relationship with more happiness and joy.

The father and mother conceived their baby on the 8th of July 2012. They named her Harper Blair Bargatze, and she is 8 years old at the present moment.

Though she might only be 8 years old, she is a very active girl. Moreover, she is a big part of her dad’s stand-up routine. In fact, Harper introduced her dad to the Netflix comedy special, The Tennessee Kid.

As of now, Harper is a primary schooler who aspires to walk beside her father every step of the way.

Image of Nate Bargatze and his family
A famous comedian, Nate Bargatze, with his wife, Laura, and daughter, Harper Blair Bargatze

Net Worth.

As mentioned earlier, Nate is a private person. Hence, he has not revealed his exact net worth details to the public.

However, according to numerous sources, Nate Bargatze has roughly above $1 million as of 2021. A majority of his income comes from doing stand-up comedy in various shows.

He has also appeared in famous television networks that pay him hefty salaries. Likewise, his half-hour comedy shows on Netflix are his best works so far which have been critically acclaimed as well. Lastly, he has also written scripts for television shows like Laugh Factory and Coralie Comedy Club.

Full Name Nathanael “Nate” Bargatze
Date of birth 25th March 1979
Place of birth Old Hickory, Tennessee, U.S.
Age 41
Gender Male
Profession Actor, comedian, writer
Net worth $1 million
Marital Status Married
Spouse Laura Baines-Bargatze
Children Harper Blair Bargatze
Social Media Instagram

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