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Kevin Hart’s Children: Heaven Hart, Kenzo Kash Hart, and Hendrix Hart.

Kevin Hart's Children

Kelvin Hart is a Philadelphia native reputed for being one of the best comedians worldwide.

To reinforce this assumption, Hart has gone on to secure nominations for numerous awards such as ‘Best Actor,’ ‘Outstanding Comedy Series’ and ‘Best Comedic Performance.’

Three years ago, he also launched the LOL (Laugh Out Loud) Network, partnering with the production company, Lionsgate. Kevin has been known to produce and star in phenomenal films.

Fans cannot wait for the movies ‘Fatherhood‘ and ‘The Man from Toronto‘, which are scheduled to debut in 2021. See fascinating facts about his three children in this review.

Photo of Kevin Hart's Children.
Kevin Hart’s Children

Kevin Hart’s Eldest Child, Heaven Hart.

Heaven Leigh Hart is the eldest of Kevin Hart’s children. Born on March 22nd, 2005, Heaven celebrated her 15th birthday this year.

Being raised under the spotlight cannot be easy, and this is even harder when one’s famous parents publicly split.

Following infidelity allegations and other indifferences, Heaven’s parents, Kevin and Torrei, got divorced in 2010. Their names were constantly on tabloids, and so was Heaven’s.

Heaven Hart
Heaven Hart

Although too young to fathom the extent of what was happening around her, Heaven was not spared the glaring divorce spotlight.

Kevin and Torrei tried their level best to ensure that Heaven stayed away from their scandalous divorce. As years passed, it was clear that her parents were hell-bent on being there for her despite their differences.

On National Daughter’s Day, both Torrei and Kevin displayed the adoration they have for their daughter on social media. Hart went as far as saying that Heaven is his heart.

He also said that he loved his daughter more than life itself. Torrei’s posts relayed a similar message. She shared several pictures and videos of warm, mother-daughter bonding moments. 

Heaven currently lives with her father, brother, step-siblings, and stepmother. Last year she was waiting to become a freshman in college. 

Kenzo Kash Hart.

Kenzo Kash Hart is a social media heartthrob. At only three years old, Kenzo has 76,000 followers on his Instagram account.

He was born on November 21st, 2017, at 1:45 am to Eniko Parrish Hart and Kevin Hart. At the time of his birth, Hart posted a moving message on his Instagram account relating his excitement.

It is evident that his parents and step-siblings quite love Kenzo. Pictures of the chubby baby are constantly seen on the Harts’ social media platforms.

Kenzo Kash Hart
Kenzo Kash Hart

On his own page, Kenzo has several posts that are bound to put a smile on someone’s face. Scrolling down his page, you will spot him in varied adorable positions, dotting the spotlight.

From a particular post, it is clear that Kenzo will wind up being a Mercedes fan. 

Photos of him snuggling up to Kevin and Eniko can as well be seen on his account. His very last post is of him and Kevin Hart cozily sitting at the bottom of a Christmas decorated staircase. 

Kenzo is no longer the last born of the Hart family. Eniko gave birth to baby Kaori Mai on September 20th, 2020. It seems like Kash has to share the cute baby spotlight with his new sibling.

Hendrix Hart.

Born on 8th October 2007, Hendrix Hart turned 13 years old two months ago. Hendrix first came into the limelight during his father’s second wedding to Eniko Parrish.

He was appointed to be the best man by Kevin, and Hendrix could be seen flashing a jaded smile here and there.

This candid happiness was a relief to Kevin and the public at large as there had been an all-around fear of Hendrix harboring ill feelings towards this massive change in his life.

For one of his birthdays, Hendrix’s mother, Torrei, threw him a Ninja and Samurai-themed party.

Eniko did not attend this party, sparking up rumors of her ‘rocky’ relationship with her stepson. Later it was discovered that Eniko had been pregnant at the time.

Hart has previously expressed his fears about Hendrix’s sexual orientation. He disclosed that his son might be gay. 

Hendrix has enjoyed onscreen success, securing a role in the famed TV series, ‘Coryxkenshin.’

Hendrix Hart
Hendrix Hart

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