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Jimmy Dore Net Worth. Wife Stefane Zamorano.

Image of stand-up comedian, Jimmy Dore

Jimmy Dore is a recognized political commentator and stand-up comedian known for his show, The Jimmy Dore Show. He is one of the few gifted individuals with an exceptional talent for sparking laughter in any conversation. Furthermore, his witty statements and sarcastic lines have always made people attracted to him.

Without a doubt, gifted with these peculiar skills, Jimmy was bound to be a professional commentator. His powerful weapon in his arsenal is his ability to talk.

Hence, he is one of the political commentators whose political views can be described as populist, progressive, anti-establishment, leftist, and anti-war.

Jimmy is a graduate with a degree in marketing communications from Columbia College Chicago. Upon graduation, he began performing stand-up comedy shows and went on to establish his own shows in the future as well.

Jimmy Dore Age.

As of 2021, Dore is 55 years old. Furthermore, his date of birth is on the 26th of July 1965.

His parents were Catholic families of Polish and Irish descent and raised him in southwest Chicago, Illinois. Likewise, Dore’s father was a policeman and owned a business of brickwork, who is described as Reagan Democrat by Jimmy.

Moreover, he grew up with 11 siblings and is the youngest of seven brothers.

Jimmy Dore Net Worth.

According to various reliable sources, Jimmy has a net worth of $1 million as of 2021. A majority of his income comes from his comedy shows on Comedy Central. Likewise, his profession as a political commentator has also helped in adding up to his net worth.

Moreover, he has also made guest appearances on famous comedy shows such as ABC‘s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, NBC‘s Late Friday, and CBS’s The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn. All these shows also pay him hefty salaries that significantly increase his net worth. Likewise, he has also hosted some of the finest comedy shows, including his own, The Jimmy Dore Show.

Also, he has his own YouTube channel with 858k subscribers, from which he earns a decent sum of money as well.

Aside from doing comedies, Jimmy is also a political pundit who poses various conspiracy theories. Being an important member of political commentary, Jimmy’s net worth is bound to grow further.

Jimmy Dore is Married to wife Stefane Zamorano. Kids?

As much publicly available his professional life is to the people, his personal lives are the exact opposite. It seems that the 55-year-old has no interest in sharing his private matters with his fans.

However, reports claim that Jimmy is married to his lovely wife, Stefane Zamorano. Just like Jimmy, Stefane is also a stand-up comedian. The husband and wife work together on various projects such as hosting the podcast, Comedy And Everything Else. Likewise, she is the producer of The Jimmy Dore Show.

Image of stand-up comedian, Jimmy Dore and his wife
A well-known comedian for his own show “The Jimmy Dore Show” with his wife, Stefane Zamorano

While there isn’t much information about Stefane, we can say for sure that she is always supportive of her husband’s career. Stefane tries to be a huge help to Jimmy in any way possible. Furthermore, she is recognized by thousands of her fans due to her association with Jimmy Dore. In fact, Stefane has around 30k followers on Twitter.


Unfortunately, this lovely couple does not share any children as of late. Perhaps, they are busy focusing on their own professional life.

Jimmy Dore Wiki Facts

Celebrated Name: Jimmy Dore
Full Name: James Patrick Anthony Dore
Gender: Male
Age: 55 years old
Birth Date: 26 July 1965
Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Nationality: American
Height: 5 ft 8 inches
Weight: 80 kg
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Stefane Zamorano
Children: No
Profession: US Stand-up Comedian and Political Commentator
Net Worth in 2021: $1 million

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