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Drew Carey Net Worth 2021. Height & Military Career.

Image of American artist, Drew Carey

Drew Carey is one of the commonly known household names who is famous for hosting shows like Whose Line Is It Anyway?, and The Price Is Right. Besides being a recognized media personality, he is also very successful in his career who is worth millions.

Moreover, he is a man known to have made his presence in various lines of entertainment such as comedy shows, game shows, and has even competed as a wrestler in WWE.

Drew Carey is 62 years old as of 2021. Moreover, his date of birth is on the 23rd of May 1958. Also, he is the youngest son in his family who grew up with two elder brothers; Neil and Roger, in Old Brooklyn.

From an early age, Drew enjoyed making others laugh. He began his career by doing stand-up comedies and slowly making his way into tv series.

Lastly, he made his appearance in his own sitcom called The Drew Carey Show. His booming popularity saw him making his appearances in many tv shows in the following years.

Though people know him as a tv star in today’s date, there is also a lesser-known fact about The Price Is Right host.

Body Measurement.

This dashing media personality stands tall at 5 feet and 10 inches. Moreover, he weighs approximately 83kg.

Drew Carey Military Career.

While people are well-aware of the fact that Drew is famous for hosting shows, most do not know that he has also served for the navy. Soon after being expelled from the college, Drew was hired by the United States Marine Corps Reserve where he would serve as a field radio operator for 6 years.

Soon after returning from the navy, Drew began doing stand-up shows and appeared in his first-ever sitcom  The Good Life.

Drew Carey Net Worth.

Drew has had a rather successful career. And this can be evidenced by his humongous net worth. Though Drew has not yet confirmed, various sources claim that he has a net worth of $165 million. Obviously, with such a huge fortune, Drew has to be living a lavish lifestyle right now.

Although he was expelled from his college, he worked hard to make a successful career. Where most would give up, Drew made sure never to accept defeat.

A majority of his fortune is the result of his long and illustrious career in television. His very first sitcom, The Drew Carey Show, became an instant hit and he received a huge part of his share.

Due to this, his popularity was off the charts. Hence, he got offers from numerous television shows for him to work as a host and cast as well. His most successful game show was The Price Is Right from which he earned a heft salary.

He is also the owner of one of the most successful Major League Soccer’s football club, Seattle Sounders FC. Not only that but Drew also supports several different charities as well.

Image of famous show host, Drew Carey
Owner of Major League Soccer’s football club, Seattle Sounders FC, Drew Carey

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