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Is Drew Carey Married to Wife? Or Is He a Gay?

Image of Television star, Drew Carey

Drew Carey is a famous name in the world of comedy. Born on the 23rd of May 1958, Drew is the youngest son in the Carey family. He grew up with his brothers, Neil and Roger, in Old Brooklyn. Drew was not excellent in his studies as he had to be expelled twice from Kent State University due to poor grades.

From an early age, Drew was good at making others laugh. After performing in countless stand-up shows, he gained recognition from the tv representatives who offered him roles in tv shows and series. Slowly and steadily, the 62-year-old climbed the ladder of prominence and became a huge personality that we know today.

Drew Carey’s First Girlfriend.

Drew Carey’s first love was his ex-girlfriend, Nicole Jaracz. The couple dated for some time since 2005 and it looked very promising. So much so that they announced their engagement in 2007.

At the time, his ex was a chef and a divorcee. She had a son as well. Regardless, Drew continued with their relationship and wanted to become a father-like figure for her child.

Everything was going perfectly well until their relationship came to an abrupt end. Sadly, the couple called off their engagement in 2012. Moreover, the reason for their breakup has not been revealed either.

Drew was Engaged with Fiance Amie Nicole Harwick.

Soon after splitting ways with his first girlfriend, Drew found himself in another relationship with a woman named Amie Harwick. The couple knew each other since 2017 and began dating ever since.

As a matter of fact, they announced their engagement after a couple of months. The duo was so into one another that they did not wait a moment to declare their engagement to the public.

However, it was a short-lived relationship as the pair broke up in 2018. Thus, they also called off their engagement.

Also, there is no information about drew and his former girlfriend the couple broke up. Nonetheless, it is clear that Drew still has love and affection for his ex-fiancé, Amie.

Image of stand-up comedian, Drew Carey and his ex-fiancee

Renowned stand-up comedian, Drew Carey with his ex-fiancee, Amie Nicole Harwick

Moreover, he felt so distraught when he heard the news of Amie Harwick’s passing away that he put the production of The Price Is Right on hold during the week of Amie’s death.

Amie was a sex therapist by profession who was struggling in her married life with Gareth Pursehouse.

Reports claim that Gareth strangled Amie before throwing her off their apartment in Hollywood Hills. This incident took place in February 2020.

Is Drew Carey Married now?

As successful as Drew is in his career, the same cannot be said about when talking about his love life.

In fact, this star host of The Price Is Right has been very close to settling in with someone but never actually got to tie the knot. As of now, Drew has been engaged with two women but never succeeded in marrying them.

Even now, after his breakup with Amie Harwick, Drew does not intend on being in a relationship with anyone. Moreover, time has never assisted Drew when it came to finding the right woman.

He is 62 years old as of now and it is next to impossible for Drew to get married at this age. Because Drew never married anyone, he does not have a child either.

Drew Carey Gay: Rumor Vs Fact check.

Because Drew has been single for a major part of his career, people have speculated him to be gay. But looking at his history, it is safe to say that comedian Drew Carey is not gay. Moreover, Drew has never been with any man in his life

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