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Aziz Ansari’s former Girlfriend Courtney McBroom.

Image of Entrepreneur, Courtney McBroom

Courtney McBroom is a famous pastry chef and an entrepreneur who is commonly known for owning the all-American food company Large Marge. Although this American chef was already well-known to the general public due to her business, she rose to the limelight for being in a romantic relationship with Park and Recreation star Aziz Ansari.

Courtney is a Texan who was born on the 28th of June 1980. She has not revealed her parent’s true identity, but she grew up with her younger sister Emily Kathryn McBroom.

Besides this, she is a foodaholic who frequently tastes new dish items and posts reviews on social media. Moreover, her goal of launching Large Marge was to empower people to try out new authentic dishes than sticking on to their smart devices.

Without a doubt, this American chef had a special love for cookery since a very young age. Even when she was attending her education in Texas, she focused more on the cookbooks than academic coursebooks. Today, Courtney is a chef with years of experience and expertise in cooking traditional, modern, and multilingual pastries.

Net Worth.

Courtney McBroom has not revealed exact details about her net worth. However, as of 2021, it is reported that she has a net worth of approximately $8 million. A majority of her net worth comes from her profession as a professional chef and from her pastry business.

Career as a chef.

Courtney had a clear idea of what she wanted to become in her life. Her passion for cooking started due to her grandmother ever since Courtney was only 7 years old. The 40-year-old was inspired by her grandmother, who used to cook plenty of mouthwatering dishes for her.

Likewise, she received cookbooks from her grandmother, who made her even more enthusiastic about cookery. Hence, she began her career as a chef soon after graduation.

To find better opportunities, Courtney moved to New York. There she worked as a junior chef in several small restaurants and finally worked her way up as a Momofuku Milky Bar culinary director.

Restaurant & its Location.

After a couple of years, Courtney moved to Los Angeles and set up her own new restaurant in partnership with her best friend, Leslie Behrens, in 2014. It was named Large Marge.

This restaurant is famous for providing a satisfying and intriguing experience of meals. Besides this, the place also has various private dinners and event venues and an authentic food experience.


Besides working as a chef and managing businesses, Courtney is also an amazing writer who earns through her writings on her best recipes and food articles. Ever since childhood, she grew up reading about cookbooks, and now, she is writing one.

Her first creation was for her previous company, Momofuku Milk Bar. Likewise, she has written for, Vice Munchies, and Lucky Peach magazines. Courtney has been featured in several pages of food and wine magazines.

Media Appearances.

Courtney McBroom has made an appearance on Chef’s Table, a television show hosted by Christina Tosi. Likewise, she has appeared in an episode of Munchies on YouTube where she teaches Queso to the viewers.

She is Aziz Ansari’s Former Girlfriend.

Courtney McBroom was previously dating an Indian-American guy named Aziz Ansari. The couple met each other for the first time when Courtney was working in Momofuku Milky Bar. During the time, Courtney was in a relationship with someone else.

However, Aziz and Courtney met once again after a year. The duo began dating one another and started living together in August 2013.

Unfortunately, this lovely couple split in December 2015. Although the real reason for their breakup has not been disclosed to the media, many people are blaming Aziz’s frantic work schedule.

At the same time, Aziz was going to publish his book Modern Romance: An Investigation. It was a bit of an irony as the book contained techniques on saving one’s relationship, but yet could not save his own.

As of now, Courtney has not revealed her love status. Neither has she made it public about her past lovers.

Image of professional chef, Courtney McBroom and her husband

Famous American chef Courtney McBroom and her husband, Aziz Ansari

Does Courtney have children?

The 40-year-old Texan has no child of her own even though she posts plenty of pictures of herself with small kids.

What is Courtney doing now?

After her breakup with Aziz, Courtney is still doing what she does best and that is promoting her business and attracting a large audience.

Social Media Presence.

Courtney is very much active on social media. However, she does not have plenty of followers. On Instagram, she has 3,490 followers.

Likewise, her Twitter account has only 750 followers as she is not very active there as she is on Instagram.

In her recent post, she has posted a video of herself making meatballs.

Wiki Facts

Full Name Courtney McBroom
Date of birth 28/06/1980
Birthplace Texas, USA
Ethnicity White
Nationality American
Age 40
Father Not available
Mother Not available
Religion Christianity
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 63 kg
Hair color Brown
Siblings Emily Kathryn McBroom
Marital status Single
Ex-boyfriend Aziz Ismail Ansari
Profession Entrepreneur, Chef
Net worth $8 million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Website

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