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Amy Schumer Net Worth.

Amy Schumer

Amy Beth Schumer is a 39-year-old actress and comedian from the Upper East Side. She was born back on the 1st of June 1981 in New York. Explore several details about Amy Schumer’s Net worth right here.

Amy first gained prominence back in 2007, after a particularly impressive appearance on the Last Comic Standing.

Since then, Amy has featured on several noteworthy projects. The very first of these films came in 2015, with the release of Train Wreck.

Not only did Amy pen the script for the film, but she would also star in it. Remarkably, this film also earned her a nomination for best actress at the Golden Globe Awards.

Photo of Amy Schumer
Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer’s Net Worth is $140 Million.

Schumer has made a decent living from her work in film. For instance, the very first film she starred in grossed over $140 million worldwide. Other than film, Amy has also enjoyed success on television.

Her show, ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ was fairly popular at the height of its success. When she ventured into the world of literature, Amy was given one of the largest ever recorded book advances in history.

Her publishers issued a $9 million advance for her to write The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo. This book would go on to clinch the no.1 spot on the New York Time’s Best Sellers list.

Additionally, when a list of the highest-earning stand-up comics was released four years ago, Amy was the only female performer on it.

Back in 2017, Netflix paid her $13 million for the hour-long special, ‘The Leather Special.’

Additionally, the average fee for her stand-up show is $90. As the main act, she is entitled to a decent cut of the profits. As of 2021, Amy Schumer’s net worth is $25 million.

A look at Amy Schumer’s social media activity.

Being a comedian of great renown, it comes as little surprise that Amy Schumer has a following of 10.3 million on Instagram. Most of her recent posts show that Amy is quite vocal when it comes to politics.

She was one of the celebrities who used her popularity to encourage fellow Americans to vote.

In one such vote, she encouraged fellow Georgian voters to track their votes. A further examination of her account also revealed that Amy is a proud democrat.

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